1 . Quite a good number of Full Free & Half Free Studentships are awarded to meritorious needy students. Privilege will be confined to the maximum of 10 % student admitted in the respective classes on merit cum means basis. Application must accompany Income Certificate of the guardian. Such applications will be considered by duly constituted committee under the chairmanship of the Principal. The decision of the committee is final. & binding.

    2. Govt. Scholarship: Govt. Scholarship of merit for Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes are distributed to students belonging to these categories as and when funds are available from the Govt. National Scholarship are also distributed to the meritorious students as sanctioned by the Govt.

    3. StudentsAid Fund: The amount received as contribution from the students to Students Aid Fund is used to offer financial help to the poor meritorious students. Separate notification are used for awarding these concession. Modes of application for obtaining these concessions are mentioned in the notification. Awards are recommended by the Principal. No questioning or canvassing for this purpose is entertained. Awards may be withdrawn or discontinued at any time for awardees misconduct.